About Us

About us

Since 1913 the North Carolina Folklore Society has worked to promote and celebrate North Carolina heritage. Our goal as an organization is to support folklore practitioners and professionals, and  honor the  our state’s culture through publications and awards. Folklore professionals serve our communities through policy building, legal advocacy, conflict resolution, economic development, exhibit design and curatorship, academic research, multi-media production, and classroom curriculum development. Our goal is to support these professionals, to provide them with a network of resources that allow them to share, promote, and celebrate their work.

The NCFS publishes the North Carolina Folklore Journal, holds an annual meeting of folklorists, and recognizes the work of folklore professionals with the Brown-Hudson and Community Traditions Awards.

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3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Are you still an active organization? Do you still publish the “…Folklore Journal”? I found several volumes of the Journals (1970s) at a yard sale, read them from cover to cover and now want to know more about the Society. Can’t believe I taught English for 40 years and didn’t know about this!!

  2. Hello,

    I am Matthew Varnam, I live in Varnamtown, NC, near Holden Beach. A few years ago, a gentleman interviewed my grandfather about building boats. Representatives of an agency were going to all 100 counties and interviewing people about a custom that was becoming no longer of use in the areas they lived. I am trying to find out which organization did this, perhaps it was this one. Or another that you might be able to help me locate.
    If you are able to call me at 910 617 8455 with info, I would appreciate it.

  3. Alec Whitley: The Man and the Ballad by Thomas, HeathNorth Carolina Folklore Journal Vol. 8 Issue 2, Dec 1960

    Can I get this issue. Thanks

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