Program Participation


The North Carolina Folklore Society will hold its 102nd annual meeting on October 10, 2015 in Cullowhee, North Carolina. Register for our conference here.

The Society invites participants– students, folklorists, scholars, and community members – to submit suggestions for presentations. We encourage you to be creative with presentation ideas and formats within the guidelines below. Especially note the new 7-minute presentation option for those wanting to share a project or research in progress!

Any folklore-related* topic will be considered, but we especially invite them related to the theme Native Voices: Views from the North Carolina Mountains Examples might include:

1) Research or community work in the western part of the state, especially work that incorporates a broad understanding of mountain cultures.

2) A quick summary of work in progress. This could be a grant funded project, an academic study, an ongoing project of your group or organization, or an idea that needs collaborative energy and ideas from a group with similar interests. These kinds of presentations are particularly invited for our 7 minute sharing sessions.

3) Presentations that reveal or suggest what it is like to be from or live in the NC mountains. How does this region reveal itself in visual art, writing or professional practice?

*Because folklore concerns itself with culture on the community level, the living traditions, aesthetics, and values so important to community identity, it has resonance with many different fields. Submissions from the standpoint of folklore, anthropology, American studies, community activism, literature, music, film studies, gender studies, communication, heritage tourism, social work, and other fields are welcome.

We hope the annual meeting program will be innovative and dynamic. The final format will depend on the number and type of submissions received; if you have an idea that is not specified below, please feel free to contact us!

Suggested formats are:

1) NEW! 7-Minute Sharing. One of the greatest values to Society members is keeping up with what is going on in the field in North Carolina. This format provides the opportunity to hear about current community projects or research efforts without the need for analysis or conclusions. We hope the brief informal format will encourage first-time presenters and that the opportunity to receive feedback while a project is still in process will prove helpful. 7-Minute Sharings can make use of media such as slide presentations, audio clips, etc. but they are not required. You should practice your sharing in advance to verify that it is no longer than seven minutes as the time limit will be enforced.

2) Single Paper. An individual paper presentation is a maximum of 20 minutes long and will be placed onto a panel.

3) Poster or media session: Display stations may be set up in a room where presenters can exhibit work in a variety of media and remain on hand for discussion. A display may consist of a poster, photo exhibit, audio-visual presentation, or audio work.

4) Performance or demonstration related to folklife/traditional arts.

5) Roundtable: A roundtable provides an opportunity for participants to discuss a subject with each other and with members of the audience. A roundtable may be 20-30 minutes long and may include up to 4 participants. We encourage formats that stimulate discussion and audience participation; this is a great opportunity to share the challenges and successes of a new collaboration, to compare approaches of different fields on a topic, etc

To propose:

Update your membership. All presenters must hold a current NCFS membership, which is $25 for an individual or $20 for a student and can be paid for online ( If this presents a hardship, please contact us.

Fill out the following information and email to as soon as possible. Final deadline is September 12.

Title: (15-word max)

Format: (7-Minute Sharing, Paper, Poster Session, Performance, Roundtable, etc.)

Primary presenter: This person will serve as contact; all communication will be sent to this person.

Name (as you would like it to appear)

Affiliation, if any–university, org., community in which you work, etc.



Phone Number

Best way to reach you (method and time)

Co-presenters: Share the same contact information for any additional presenters.

Equipment/resources needed: Please describe your needs including floor/stage space, access to electrical outlet, use of computer and projector, way to play audio recordings, etc. (Please bring any presentation materials on a USB stick drive, as it is unwieldy to switch multiple computers in and out throughout the day.)

Abstract: Please provide a brief description of what is going to be presented (300 word limit).

If you have any questions, please email or call Elijah Gaddis at (704) 701-4813.