Thank you to the following Centennial Circle Donors!

Jill H. Austin
Jack E. Bernhardt
Martha S. Brown in Memory of Thelma W. Davis
Betsy Bowden
Philip E. Coyle
Tom Davenport
Amy Davis
Janet Hoshour
Neil Hutcheson
Jereann King Johnson
Dr. H.G. Jones
Nancy Kalow in Honor of Beverly Patterson
Barbara Lau
Ray Linville
E.T. Malone, Jr. in Memory of Richard G. Walser
Tom McGowan in Memory of James Allen Rose
Mary W. Mintz
D. Joan Moser
J. Irene Moser
Kirsten Mullen in Honor of Wayne Martin
Dan  and Beverley Patterson
Carmine and Elizabeth Prioli
Joy Salyers
Mr. and Mrs. A. Pope Shuford
Rogers V. Whitener in Honor of Thomas McGowan
Charles Zug III

As the North Carolina Folklore Society continues to grow and evolve, your support helps us to continue fostering appreciation and study of North Carolina’s folklife.

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